Patch date?

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Any idea when the patch will come out?

I haven't even wanted to play it or HD until then the lag is just to bad for me to play it. I know some of you don't think its all that bad but I just don't like it. I have stopped popping it in to check and any news from Konami just says its coming soon.

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Unfortunately the patch fixes nothing. It was released on the 6th or 7th November and promised to fix framerate issues which as you would know if you played the game was a real problem not to mention the Autosave which didn't always work. After i downloaded and installed this update on my PS3 it actually made things much worse. Loading times seem like forever now and the framerate problem is even worse if that was possible. The autosave still does not work properly which is a real pain when still there is no manual save option. If you can avoid the update i would advise you do until Konami really work on the game if ever, lol

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Wow that sucks qute a bit. I have not played the game at all in a long time (I think SEP was the last month) so I was unaware of any update.

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The framerate issues are so bad? And they weren't ever fixed?