I Lost My Lighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I lost my lighter before the monastery chapter of the game and I didn't find another one in the monastery itself. I reached the part were I have to burn a robe to bring a chandelier down to open the door were the ryme book is located. It's all good... but I don't have a lighter!!!!!!!! what is the solution for that. I can't imagine repeating the whole game for this stupid reason...
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This is not the only forum addressing the problem of disappearing lighters in Silent Hill Downpour, so it seems to be a common phenomenon. In my case, I was using the lighter to see my way through a crypt when I was attacked by a Weeping Bat. I assumed it had merely been knocked from my hand, but I could not find it afterwards. I know there is t least one more lighter somewhere, as I traded the lighter obtained during Stolen Goods for the lost one, but I really don't want to retrace every step to find the place I have forgotten. Travel is neither quick nor easy in this game, and to pick up one item, one must lose another, making it difficult to keep track of where one dropped that fireaxe, or exactly which house had the lighter on the table.. Having items nearby quest sites would be helpful, or having the game forbid losing a needed item would save hours of pointlessly wasted time.(like playing games is not wasted time!) Perhaps someone with nothing better to do could make a list of what to find where, located on a map with place names marked! Those of us with poor memories would be grateful.