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User Rating: 1 | Silent Hill: Book of Memories VITA

Okay, Silent Hill Dungeon Crawler... Ya see all franchises need to fresh things up and start new bla bla bla bla bla corporate videogame reviewer talk bla bla bla bla It's not like I get paid to make you go buy games bla bla bla...

Imagine a golf simulator called Dark Souls, or FPS called Pro Evolution Soccer. I mean, I can at least understand why both Resident Evil and Silent Hill decided to turn their games into Gears of War with jump scares. Idiots have taken over this business and someone told them they would make more money by appealing to the "casual fan". But what is the point of this? Why would you make a dungeon crawler with the Silent Hill name slapped on it?

After a DECADE of destroying this franchise, it's the cherry on top by Tomm Hulett. I don't know if I should hate him for the rest of my life or bow down to the utter spectacular disaster he created.