It's not for everyone :/

User Rating: 9 | Silent Hill: Book of Memories VITA
I've been playing with it for awhile and one thing I can tell is that it is very addicting once you get the hang of things. Basically, you hack n slash your way to a zone (level or area), collect items and stuff, clear the zone puzzle and proceed to the next zone. If you're a fan of Silent hill you will immediately recognize the enemies, from the nurses to the double headed dogs. There are boss battles as well (Pyramid Head, butcher and many more) and Zones can be replayed to strengthen your character (to progress difficult zones) and/or to complete other items (like notes, weapons, etc) that you might have missed out on your first try. Zones randomly generates new layouts so even repeating the same zone provides new area to explore. Character customization is pretty basic. There are a lot of weapons to choose from, from guns, swords, great cleaver, etc. Graphics is very good. Combat is fun and bloody and some enemies requires tactics to defeat, so you just don't rely on just hacking them to death. You also have light and dark powers at your disposal which uses the rear touchpad feature. Collecting items is very addicting and seeing enemies from past silent hill games is a joy. There's a bestiary list as well which I really enjoy looking at. If you're a fan, you may want to try it but then again it's not for everyone. *Update* Wayforward just released an update patch and DLC and you guys should definitely download it!! Game has been tweaked and now you don't lose any game progression once you die!!(whew) Playable characters have been increased (Heather and James are here!!) and they increased the weapons as well :) This game is almost perfect now. I hope they add more characters and more things to do.