I dont think this game deservs all the hate

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i actually give Kudos to the SH:BoM team for trying something new.

to be honest i actually went out and bought a PS:V just soo i could play this game.

im a avid Diablo 3 player, and a longtime Silent Hill fan.

soo when i seen they merged these 2 ideas together, i had to try it.

and soo far im enjoying itr, even if it is a bit on the challenging side.

if i had to pick one thing about this game that i think is SUPERB, it would have to be the music and sound by far.

i havent really put much play time into online tho, the couple games i did join worked with me tailing behind some one a few levels higher than me and them scooping up all the loot, hah.

soo i prefer to play single player, because of that.

but all in all, i agree with the review. this isnt a bad game by any sense, its just not a great game.

but because i have a love for both genre's this game wants to be, i will give my support.