Great game with an epic story

User Rating: 9 | Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut PC
Highly immersive and addictive, you just want to push forward constantly and find out more of the great story. Can provide a big challenge when played on harder difficulty, and i see this as the only fault. Dont listen to the gamespot review of this game as he takes the game much to literally, always look for the multitude of symbolism this game provides, such as a "meat locker underground" because it foreshadows the emotions and feelings of the various characters involved. Trust me when i say, you will become encapsulated in each characters story as they each provide a viewpoint and symbolize various taboo subjects such as rape and murder. One piece of advice to playing this game is, although you may not want to explore because there may be more fright through that door, do it anyways as this is how you find puzzle pieces and health/ammo which is much needed. Great game and a must play for lovers of a thrill and great story.