I cant belive this game got so low rating.This is a true Art.

User Rating: 9.5 | Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut PC
So this was my first Silent hill game (well after the mobile version which got me into the silent hill series) when i saw the game on youtube i wasn't expecting much,but the good comments and positive reviews(even though gamespot rate it low -.-)so i bought the game.Ok first of:


I gotta say even though i didnt expect much,the story blow me away,its very emotional and fits soo good with the atmosphere of the game,it really makes u want to finish the game in one go.Even after finishing the game i was still thinking about the story,so this is called "Art"!

The gameplay is average,the camera can get litlle tricky,but when u get used to it its not bothering much.There are some creepy moments(no cheap scares)atmosphere is really creepy,you have that feeling of uncertainty and you are always scared of what may be lurking around the corner,even though the gameplay is not that good this game tells story remarkably good.

I gotta say i was not expecting that good graphics,whoever says that the graphics are bad they dont understand it enough.First off the models are done awesome for that year,textures are great it gives the game that creepy feeling.What really amazed me were the shadows/lighting,they are done so good and are really realistic.So the graphics doesent looks bad 10 years later,even though the engine is old.

Akira Yamaoka is great artist the music is great,he wanted to evoke emotion from the player with the music and he done fair job with it,i still sometimes listen to music from the game.Sound effects really pump up the creepy atmosphere from creepy footsteps to creepy monster sounds.

So in the end i highly suggest this game to any SH fan,or any other horror fan,it will touch you emotions,and leave u amazed.