i'm beginning to think whoever reviews these games for Gamespot is biased.

User Rating: 9.5 | Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut PC
Silent Hill 2 is as immersive as it gets, the controls really suck for computer which can distract you from the game but the story is so amazing and the monsters so disturbing that there's no way not to love it. the camera is disastrous... but it makes it somewhat scarier when you have trouble looking at what you're fighting. when you play it you can feel it in your stomach, that sick feeling of anticipation and dread mixed with hard core disgust of some things you see. it's M for sure so don't play if under 17, and i'm serious about that, it is really adult and could really mess up a kid for a long time to come if he played this game. definitely play it and decide if you like it, but play it alone to get everything out of it you can. and if you can get it for ps2 as i'm sure the controls are far better then the crap controls you get on PC. seriously the most disturbing game i've ever played.