A great horror game with an amazing story

User Rating: 8.7 | Silent Hill 2 (Special 2 Disc Set) PS2
(I'm not going to give anything away about the story and please read whole review before rating ~ Cassie)

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay of this game is very much like the first game, in the way that you control your character and the way you use weapons. In fact, I really can't find a difference in the controls at all. But that's not a bad thing because the way the first game controlled was very good. But if you didn't like the controls of the first game, you won't like this. If you've never played the first game, your character James Sunderland, will move only once you point him in the right direction. Kind of like the first Tomb Raider game.

Next thing I would like to talk about is realism. I know what you are thinking as your reading that. "Realism, in a Silent Hill game?". Let me explain what I mean a little better and give you some examples, because Konami really went for realism this time. One example is you cannot read a map in the dark. Makes sense right? Also, as usual bodies never dissapear, and James runs slower when he is out of breath. You'll find little bits of realism throughout the game that makes it more enjoyable without being annoy (as some games go overboard with realism).

I would also mention that the game is a little more challenging than the first game. First, there are different levels of diffucutly to choose from (for both gameplay and riddles). Which is a great new edition to the game. I personally would recommend starting off at easy on both, to get used to the game. Also there are 5 different endings to be had. Each ending requires you to do something during the game. Sometimes, simple things that you would never think about. So if you are going in without a guide, who knows what kind of ending you'll get. 2 of them require you to replay the game (one requires you to get all the endings in fact). So those elements give the game replay value. The endings are great and well worth the effort.

As for the story, (or at least the elements of it), there is a great cast of characters. Many, you will feel like you know by the end of the game. Also, the story uses many many metaphors to explain the story, so it might be
confusing for some. And the locations in the game are amazing, beautiful (in a macbre way) and very different from the first game, and even more disturbing. Now onto the scary factor. This game completly beats the first game in this department in MY opinion. Silent Hill games have always been a mix of atmosphere and gore. And it blends together nicely to form a very terrifying game.

GRAPHICS: The graphics in this game are also very realistic. Facial expressions, the way the characters move, etc. Is all very well done. And the locations and surrondings are beautiful too. There is always something to see. There are a good many cutscenes actually, and they are very well done. You have to see it in motion to understand what I mean. They are just stunning.

SOUND: The voice acting in the first game was not that great. But this time around they've done a much better job with the voice acting. Everyone's voices fit them perfectly and James tone almost matches his Japanese counter part exactly. But I will say that some voice acting during certain scenes is a little cheesy or over the top. But that's rare. Over all, the voices are good. Other sounds in the background during the game also add to the atmosphere of the game. Once again, much better than the first game. EXTRAS: There are two unlockable weapons. The Chainsaw and Hyper Spray. Neither is actually really worth the trouble sadly. One extra that I personally like is after beating the game on all 3 difficulty levels, you will then unlock a Extra Hard riddle level. But of course the best unlockables are the 2 endings, one being a spoof ending that is very much worth watching.

SUMMERY: If your a fan of horror games and especially the Silent Hill series, I think you'll love this game. Aside from a few flaws (and there are VERY few in my opinion) it's an amazing game with a great story and I garentee it will scare you.