silent hill 2 is a worthy follow up after the first one,,it delivers but sometimes the game feels or tend to go nowhere

User Rating: 8.5 | Silent Hill 2 (Special 2 Disc Set) PS2
i began playing this great game silent hill 2

manymany years ago,,so many years ago,,

the hype well; ,,i had mixed tast in my mouth,,on amny levels i enjoyed it,,

and sometimes the game fell a little flat,,

it was spooky and creepy but not as much as i wanted;p,,

even if there was moments plan stupid nothing happened boring areas silent moments nothing happends,,aboslutely nothing,,

not all areas where broken and not interesting,,but they existed,,

some areas was clever made alongside the puzzles,,

soem werent at all,,but as a whole though,,i really enjoyed it,,this game;),,

specially school level or what it was;p,,gym i dont know;p,,.

liked the cutscenes everything about this game,,but its was not better than the first one,,but not too far from it,,basecally the same twist and formula,,some for the better some for the worse;),,

camera worked but not always,,

sometimes the sounds where confusing;p,,

ai not worst i have seen,,,but still pretty good;),,flashbang;p;),, molotov cocktails;pp

,,criminals becomes silent monsters in silent hill,,where fog meets freddy krueger,,but he isnt really there just in your silent scary dream;p,,

but there where some other monsters but not freddy,,these monsters werent partulary scary,,but with the combined gameplay,,fog,,dark athmosperic locals,,as a whole it sometimes became scary,,some levels where very scary with these thigns combined and the light,,other levels where a dissapointment and not scary at all or even freaky,,because those monsters where freaky not scary,,therefore this isnt a particualry scary game,,but can be,,whe nsome levels are good and all things combined,,all in all,included sounds ,,mouns,,yells,,ur weapons,,echo,,silent moments,,dark,,fog ligt and so on,,u get my point;p,,

options menues,,where nice,,opening movie;D,,

cutscenes,,weapons,,how ur char runs ,,plays and shoot,,nice;)

artwork where nice,,pretty good desgin;D^^,.

unlocks & bonuses;p,,along with coffe to keep u awake from the game and happy;p,,and pankakes;p;)

im sending u a gift of a freaky monster not scary,,a dumb monster,,freaky/scary,,

gl captain,,;),,


8.5 / 10

me outtieamgio;p