The best Survival horror you can find !

User Rating: 10 | Silent Hill 2 (Special 2 Disc Set) PS2
Silent Hill 2 :
Easily part of the best survival horror series, arguably the best in the series .
you play as James Sunderland, a man that received a letter from his dead wife to come to the great town of silent hill as she says in the opening scene letter he promised to take her there again someday .
but soon you come to realizing that no one is around and the town is foggy and filled with strange sightings of monsters that appear one moment and disappear the next leaving in a feeling of claustrophobia even though you are running through the streets of the town.
and entering abandoned building and old hotels does not help that feeling, and it's worth mentioning that the monsters you rarely see are the ones you fear the most such as "the red pyramid thing" commonly referred to as Pyramid Head.
the game itself plays like a dream come true to any true survival horror fan you play the game on your own accord and you are rarely forced to fight most of the game you choose between the fight or flight instincts .
as for story it is the best thing you can hope for as long as you keep track of the characters and try to read as many notes as you can to understand the game completely otherwise you'll be lost in the sea of discomfort that is Silent Hill.
as for the endings you get 4 or so so that adds to the replayability of the game and you can do diffident things to acquire different endings .
as for the graphics the game has some the best you can get on PS2 during cutscenes but when taking actual control of the character it drops noticeably but still it's not bad for a PS2 game.
all n all I think this game deserves a 10 for its lack of flaws in my opinion .

thank you for reading and have a nice day