one of the best horror games ever made.

User Rating: 9 | Silent Hill 2 PS2

it is no exaggeration to say that Silent Hill 2 is easily top 3 best Survival Horror games ever made, a game that has disturbed a generation, overcoming its predecessor which is already very good, technically the game is very good with beautiful graphics, an ambiance scary and with several bizarre creatures, especially Pyramid Head who is the most remarkable creature of the Silent Hill franchise and all the moments that it appears in the game are the most tense parts, the gameplay is a bit slow, but it's a bit of getting used to it , the story is excellent, has a heavy history and needs enough exploration to stay even more inside the game's narrative and when you begin to understand the meaning of the creatures the story of the game becomes even more interesting and also disturbing, the trail sound works perfectly with the atmosphere of the game and the game has more than 1 final. Silent Hill 2 is an incredible game and must be played by all, with a heavy narrative and several disturbing moments. Note 94