Plunder, trade and dance

User Rating: 9.5 | Sid Meier's Pirates! PC
First when i played this game, i can't stop playing it cause it's really addictive and all i want to do is recruit a lot of crew ,plunder city and ship, kill the famous pirates and make a lot of fortune. They all fun , really fun when you play it you will feel it yourself.

You can choose between 4 faction there are France, Spain, English and Dutch. The story itself is not really interesting than all that plunder and battle. The battle system in this game are divide into 3 : ship battle, land battle, duel battle.

The duel is so easy cause you can always do the same attack and the enemy will fall to the sea if your crew outnumber them. And one thing that is really annoying is to divide the plunder gold. When you do it you'll lose all your plunder ships and of course you just get 20% of your money. If you don't do it the crew will revolt. And the maneuver of the ship is a little hard because the bigger ship move slower and harder to control, but it can take more goods and foods and more importantly crew.

When you aboard to town that has a governor you can ask his daughter to dance with you in the ballroom and if you do well you'll get a nice gift like noble shirt, etc. If you do the task often when you go back to the governor you'll rank up and get some land there.

Well, i think for 3 consecutive days you will play it without bored , nice game from Sid Meier i think.