Pirates! And than the boredom kicks in...

User Rating: 2.1 | Sid Meier's Pirates! PSP
Who doesn't like a good pirate game? I like them, how could you not? I'll admit I had never played the original "Sid Meier's: Pirates" but I'd heard often about what a "great" game it was, and how revolutionary it was. It looked at the PC version a bit in stores and it sounded interesting, but I wasn't quite sure. Than the PSP version came out and, needing a new PSP game anyway, I picked it up.
I began playing it when I got home and realized I really shouldn't have wasted my money on it. If the original version is anything like the PSP version than I guess I wasn't missing much by not playing it earlier.

I like open-ended games as much as the next person, but I found Pirates to have so little direction that it simply became confusing. Often I had no idea what to do, where I was supposed to go, or anything. I was lost... at sea. Frankly I found the game to be quite boring. The ship combat was lame, simply randomly firing at your enemy. The swordfighting was dull, and the dancing was equally bad. The graphics, even for a PSP, aren't all that much to speak of. The sound effects are alright, I guess, but there really aren't any voices other than some grunts and wooing. Music in the game is next to non-existant to boot.

I spent a couple hours with the game but I really couldn't enjoy it. I wanted to enjoy it, I wanted to have fun with the game. But I simply couldn't find any fun to be had. I tried but failed. This game, while it sounded interesting, is barely mildly entertaining. It wasn't worth the $40 I paid for it.