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I bought my first computer in 1986, a Tandy 1000EX, and have owned every Civ from day one. While I've only got a handful of hours on Civ VI so far, I am just not feeling the love that all the others initially brought. Perhaps I need to play the tutorial to get a better feel for some of the newer features but there are some annoying features I've noticed right off the bat. Builders, for example, mysteriously implode and disappear after about the third tile improvement. After less than a handful of farms or mines are constructed they disappear and you have to build another one to replace it. Traders now build roads as they establish a route between cities and you can't use a builder to build roads between your cities to expedite travel between them. You'll only be able to connect cities based on the number of trade routes you're able to build. Very aggravating. My point is, wait for the reviews before jumping on this game guys. It may grow on me eventually, but if you haven't bought it yet, wait to read what Gamespot, PC Gamer and others have to say first.