A great turn based strategy, that you can play by yourself or with friends, love the new culture system.

User Rating: 8.5 | Sid Meier's Civilization V PC
Civilization is great. It is a cross between the board game RISK and Age of Empires. This game is fantastic, with different difficulty settings for every player, different ways to win, from the scientific being the first to launch a space shuttle, to the diplomatic getting the most votes in the UN. This game is amazing and gives you many ways to try and conquer the world.
The graphics are stunning(in my opinion, and for a Strategy game), the voices are cool, and the player with npc interaction cut scenes are stunning.
Your four advisers will provide you with advice on whether to build a bigger army for conquest, or delete units for money, or what they think you should research or what they think others are planning.
This game is so awesome, and I love playing it.
I also enjoy the quotes, and historical references and the Civilpedia which gives you the history of the city states and wonders and more.

Story: 0(doesn't have one)

Game Play: 9(the game play is awesome, I love how the turn based system really gives you time to strategize and think and I haven't had a problem with the controls of the units and options)

Graphics: 8

Music: ?(I never really pay attention to music)

Replay Value: 8

Multi-player: 9

Over All: 8.5