Great strategy game faulted by its financial structure

User Rating: 8 | Sid Meier's Civilization V PC

Overall a very enjoyable strategy but not with its imperfections.

Just a note, this is a review of Civillization V as a whole, focusing partly on the features of the DLC but more importantly why they even had to happen.

A Civillization newbie, like myself, will probably start their first game of Civ scared and confused, not sure just where to start but then you realise there's a pretty good tutorial to help you out. The detail and complexity of the base game is amazing in itself but when you add on the two expansion packs (Gods and Kings & Brave New World) the experience is just outstanding. The expansions also go to lengths to alter mechanics by requests from the community, but then I wonder, why did this "fix" require a £19.99 expansion?

Multiplayer works most of the time but player disconnections aren't uncommon and it's rarely accurate to indicate who has disconnected and who thinks they've somehow become host in the past 6 seconds. I would recommend playing on the simultaneous mode if you're going to give multiplayer a go as giving each player their own 2 minute turn can be excruciatingly dull.

So there, that's my [novice] review of Civillization V, and I would encourage both any fans of the series and new players looking for an entry into the turn based strategy minefield.