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I'm trying to play a week long in depth game in Civilization 5 on Marathon mode. However, the games starts me off at only 4000 BC and the time decays 40 years per turn! How is that a marathon? Does the time slow down after I get past AD? I stopped playing because after 60 turns I was close to year 0. Is there anyway to get the decay to like 5 or even 1 per turn?

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The difference between the different time settings isn't that complicated.

In a normal game, the game ends at turn 500 if no civilization manages to meet any of the other victory requirements until then. In an epic game, it's turn 1000, and in marathon it's 2000. You'll notice that in no matter what mode you play, the game will move faster in time at the start than the end. One thing to note is that in addition to there being more turns, everything costs more. The time costs, in terms of years, is roughly the same between the modes, but it takes more turns, more production or more gold in Epic and Marathon. The same is true for research, so if it cost 10 turns to research in standard mode, it's roughly 40 turns in marthon. Another thing to note is that unit movement isn't slowed down, so while producing an army takes much longer than in other modes, invading another civilization shouldn't take much longer. You should still be careful when attacking since the cost of losinig units in marathon is higher than in the standard game(4 times as long to build new ones).

Reduced to a sentence, the difference between the time settings is simply: Time takes four times longer to pass, everything costs four times more.

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In the beginning, each turn passes a greater deal of time than later in the game. As you get into later ages, one turn may only progress one year, or one month (I think).

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i always thought marathon was also the slowness in which you can discover technology also... basically it takes a bit longer in marathon...

also takes longer to build units/buildings/wonders.

Havent played this game for a few months, gotta get back into it, its so good.