Old Favorite..a diversion to play between major releases

User Rating: 7.5 | Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution X360
This is a great game, but as the headline says..it's an old friend played many times before on the pc.

Not much new here...maybe some streamlining thanks to easier resource management. However, it's a good game to boot up for play between major releases, something to jump into as a distraction. I picked it up used, obviously long after its initial release, mostly because I have friends online who I'll be challenging to matches. Graphics are good, system is fair, and the game, one of the first games I ever played way back when it was first released by Microsoft and Sid Meier, is still a sold entertainment. It made me nostalgic for another game (PIRATES) which was released as a console game, but which didn't make the transition from PC nearly as nicely as Civilization, which is a shame.

One last thing...it would have been nice to have had more complexity for the player who wanted to harken back to the old PC game.