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User Rating: 9 | Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution X360
Upon playing this game, I was amazed by the simple, yet addictive gameplay that takes place in this game. The goal is simple;

1. Are you going to be scientific, and explore space? Or will you conquer/ally the whole world, until you have control of just about everything. Maybe you will do both! Who knows?

2. Build your civilization from the ground, to literally, the sky.

This PC(ish) game can entertain every Sims fan, and Age of Empire fanatic for hours, and still not lose it's addictive grip. It has a few minor issues, such as the fact that when you start, you may have no idea what you're doing. But I would recomend not reading the tutorial, as it seems as if it was written by foreigners, for the locals.

Now that the price has dropped, I would recommend that everyone who isn't a CoD fanboy should definitely buy this game. :D