A streamlined-for-console version of the previous Civ games, unfortunately a few features too many have been removed.

User Rating: 7 | Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution X360
I have been a huge fan of the Civilization series, beginning with the first one which i played fanatically on our 386. When this came out i was sceptical, i find strategy games are definitely more suited for PC, but since i had recently gotten a new 46" tv i wanted to play it on my X360.

The first impressions were good, the game looks nice and it's much easier to learn than the previous Civ games. However, after playing for a while some of the things removed from the game begin to really annoy me.

The different types of government typically only differ in one way from each other for instance, under a republic a settler only costs one population, and under monarchy the culture that your palace generates doubles. It really makes the choice between different governments way too easy.

The lack of diplomacy options is another thing. Why can't I at least negotiate so my units can pass through a friendly nations territory? It's easy to get trapped with a galley for example, and the only option is to declare war. Which is impossible if you're a democracy.

Perhaps the most annoying thing is that there's no 'idle' option for your cities, in previous Civ games you could order a city to only produce wealth until you tell it otherwise, this option is for some unfathomable reason removed. Late game when you have 20 cities, each of which produces a building every three turns this becomes extremely annoying, especially if you've launched your spaceship and you're just waiting 20 turns or so to win the game and it takes as long as half an hour, just constantly having to tell your cities what to build.

Still it's a good game and if you like the previous Civ games and are looking for a more casual experience for your X360, then this is for you.