Civilization is a fun game, but for a strategy game on the 360 its just ok..

User Rating: 7 | Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution X360
In this civilization game you take control of a country like america, russia, egypt, saudi arabia, etc and take control of a leader and try to conquer the world... In the game you start out with a city and then get units and upgrades and go attack barbarian outposts and smaller cities and other countries for territory on a map of the world... While this sounds fun getting into the game is hard... I found the movement of the armies to be weak and making treaties and interaction is not that great... The game has a good cartoony look and is fun for a bit but doesnt have the best controls or gameplay as the PC versions of civilization, Additionally, this game lags alot It crashed on me once and it gets real slow if u play it for a long time... The online is fun but you will have to have patience to play 3 to 4 hour matches vs opponents... If u have the time and patience and can stand some lag you will love this game and go and buy it for 30-40 dollars everyone else rent it or wait till it drops in price