Civ for Xbox equals...GREAT IDEA!

User Rating: 9 | Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution X360
Our local video store, Hollywood Video was going out of business, so everything was really cheap. CivRev was 19.99, but then it was another 50% off! I got it for 10.99 then! I was getting sick of COD, so I needed something different. I put in the disk, and well, I just needed "one more turn"!

The graphics are very crisp and clear. I like the cartoon-ish advisers, units, cities, almost everything you can imagine. The may didn't look crowded at all which makes the game flow smoothly. The animations are different, but I like them!

The music is pretty decent. Its not the best but it goes with the game. All the sounds are good too. The advisers don't actually speak their native language, it's pretty much just a bunch of gibberish which is OK and goes with the game well.

Now let's get to the game play. Just like the classic PC game, all the game is turned base, but simpled down, but in a good way. If everything in this game was like the PC version...the game would be very difficult and it would be harder to pay. The game on the easier levels are sooo simple, but if you haven't played the game ever, then start there. It's a little different from PC to Xbox, but it makes a good transition.

In all, the game is an awesome, solid game! There are a few things that I don't like though. You cant travel through other countries land even if you have a enough moves to get through their land. Plus if the unit is guarding the city, its kind of hard to get to the unit if you want to move it.

Other then that, I say if you get sick of any game, just go pick up this and it will keep you busy for a few hours!