Sid Meier has done it again.

User Rating: 8 | Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution PS3
Civilization Revolution is a fun game. This game created by video game genius Sid Meier has loads of different civilizations that you can choose from and you can bring from the nomad age to today. This game has cool animated graphics with a sim like voice system which is both weird and cool. This game also has tons of different scenarios to choose from such as one were resources are high or low, another were there is tons of war, or loads of others. This game is great for anyone that wants to build up a civilizations in only a few hours. This is both good and bad it is good because you can have a quick game but it is bad because it does not really fell like you have built up a civilization over a span of a week. Overall Civilization Revolution is a game that rocks and Sid Meier has done is again.