Addictive with endless replay value. A great mix of easy to learn gameplay, while being extremely challenging.

User Rating: 9 | Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution PS3
I bought this game when it was relleased and am still playing it. The game has randomly generated maps so it's always different. Add on the downloadable content (which adds new wonders and pre-determined maps) and you have even more to do. Each country has its own unique abillities and special units. The difficulty settings are well tuned ( easy is easy, hard is hard) The gameplay is not pick-up-and-play, but is very easy to learn. There are but a few negative qualities to the game. It seems stripped down. There could have been more depth, but they wanted to keep it simple and casual. Also, once all nations gain flight, the rounds take forever. All together, this game is another brilliant title from the mind of Sid Meiers. My hope is that he makes more of these for PS3, but not before he makes a sequel to "Pirates!"