One the best console strategy games to date.

User Rating: 9 | Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution X360
Sid Meier gives us another masterpiece and another solid addition to his already legendary series. While it may seem somewhat "childish or cartoony" in nature, it really is just a compression of the Civilization series tailored for console play.

What I mean is that he takes most of the structure and game play elements of previous Civs and simplifies it so that players can enjoy the experience without being over bogged by the full Civilization system.

The game is turned based and played on an optional timer in multiplayer, Where the objective of the game is too have the greatest civ either by dominating others, becoming the richest, most cultured or most technologically advanced. Which in itself gives the player a myriad of options of how to play the game and what strategy would be best to win. Every game is different and each map is randomly generated, so there will always be a different situation every game.

The game has a strong historical basis, using real world leaders, wonders and technologies. It comes with Sid Meier's trademark Civilopedia which is filled with a wealth of information about the game and history and topics in the game as well.

The negatives include weak graphics, didn't include a strong online ranking system, and sometimes the game would suffer from a lot of lag.

Overall, excellent strategy game that the consoles really seem to be lacking compared to the PC, that really lives up to its namesake.