Revolutionising our civilization to sophistication of all proportions definitely worth a look!!

User Rating: 8 | Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution PS3
A strange game to review civilization revolution, your drawn in to the funny and well, what can be described as 3rd rate visuals, but then look deeper and sea the tides coming in shore and the detail of the land workers digging etc. it looks well really good, colourful and strangly compelling to persist in destroying everything in your way, or not???

Graphically, the detail is good and the fight scenes are well matched and enjoyable to be part of. Buildings armies and destroying waves of enemies or picking on one race is awesome. What really made it worth it was the sheer differnce of style of play you can approach this glorious rich in colour separating factions, terrain and units, this games HUUUGE The maps are well hidden at first, with workers surrounding you hoeing, rowing, fishing get a real sense of community. So you send out some scouts to build anew home which only increases your empire

I rarely play "turn based" games as i found them tedious but this was so, erm, you just wanna play it, its hard to describe. I welcomed the patience needed to play this, waiting to see what your opponant is gonna do next, being the first to find the hidden treasures, making new pals and then destroying them!!! i applaud its origionality (console) and a very decent game has emerged.

I can see it getting a little samey after a few more hours of gameplay but again your compelled to win, and many in some ingenius and intresting ways, you can win politcally, bullying each faction, stealing, merging, settling more cities, capturing cities. If you loose a city close to others depending on the diplomtic and the more dominant faction (usually japan or india technology wise) your people (if theyre unhappy with you as a ruler, monach, tyrant, you see what i mean) will switch to for example the russian faction.

So engrosing and just fantastic vision such a fast paced "arcade" style world or slow it down and listen to the waves!!! It refreshing to have to actually thiink about a game with so much depth and consequences to your surroundings, the factions, and your own people (populus!) which you can change to mine for, science, food, production.

The sound is so funny,.. to me anyway!! When you get the spy the music changes to a sneaky style, the same happens every time a new faction welcomes you, prepares for war etc... with screams of victory (which you are rewarded for), hitting certain era's or milestones like making so much money.

You are given "special persons" throughout the game to speed up technology, art, the list is endless, i got einstein yesterday (nuclear power, bombs!!!!!) that was a good to watch!!!

You have to make your own decisions on how you want your workers to manage your resources, time it takes to build, if you build and aqueduct your city grows faster, therefore everything else speeds up, and thats just one way!!

I tried to find some negatives too, and i must admit it was hard, even with the "just strange but satisfying visuals". You can have a set of scenarios for quick play where your assigned mission based levels to achieve.

Funny characters attck you, be freind you, bully you and some just make you laugh with each faction having a clear where there from sound!!! Artilla the hun is just angry!!!

A colourful game rich with depth and character. I really thought this would die but i love it. oh there are water units too!! with each technological advancement or era passed you can upgrade each unit and the characters clothes change too!!! H-bomb rules!!! it is a joy to play. You WILL need hours to play just a couple of games, if you fancy some relaxing gaming with some real treats that make you smile, buy this, a breathe of wholesomeness from the shooters of today.