Civilisation Revolution for xbox 360 is a cartoon like game that doesn't meet the standards for the genre or the title.

User Rating: 4 | Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution X360
Civilasation Revolution doesn't match up, the graphics and gameplay is made to draw young gamers towards something very niche and strung out. The game makes no sense whatsoever and combat is a huge mush of whatever is there.
Put a bomber against a couple of archers? Goodbye bomber. Put a tank against a couple of musketeers? Goodbye tanks. Unbalanced and broken.

The developmental system is complicated and stupid, why do my archers still hang around after I've got marines shooting everything up? When I get to the next age I want my stuff lying around to be upgraded and not have to have one chance to upgrade them with a wonder.

3 of the 4 ways to win make no sense either, if I colonise a planet how do I control the world? Shouldn't I need to build a giant death laser and threaten and or destroy everyone? When you build the United Nations you once again win, no explanation over how you create world peace or something, you just win because your culture is awesome. The financials victory once again provides no conclusion, you just have lots of money so therefore you win. The only ending that makes sense is the domination, everyone else is dead so you win; simple no?

Civilisation makes for a silly game targeted at minors with game play for mature gamers. Don't buy this piece of human excretement, buy the PC version or a total war game.