Considering the capabilities of the PS3 this could have been a whole lot better.

User Rating: 7 | Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution PS3
First of all don't get me wrong, this is a very addictive game and it is very much fun to play but it could have been a whole lot more. When I heard about the game and being a Civ4 addict I was very much looking forward to it. I was thinking of new civilizations, improved graphics (even though Civ4 still looks amazing) and on the whole a next game in the genre. How disappointed was I when it seemed the game has taken a few steps back.

First of all: Only 5 civs offline at any time :( I very much liked the huge maps of Civ4 with the 20+ civs battling it out and thought this would also be part of CivRev

Diplomacy: How awful is the diplomacy, constant threats from the other 4 civs eg give me your great person and I will leave you in peace for so and so turns, once they are up they ask for more and the only way to stop them is to send in an army before they realise your might.

Victory Conditions: Best way is to get a domination victory, it is so easy and by far the quickest route, you could try to go for the others but usually eventually it ends in a domination victory.

There are many other issues like the lack of religion, lack of different map styles eg Archipelago and so forth, lack of map sizes ( all ways the same size and maps repeat more often.

Considering the PC game of Civ4 uses 1.7GB of HD, 1.8GHz, 512MB RAM on a DVD ROM shouldn't a PS3 and BD provide alot more? In my mind CivRev is probably half the game Civ4 is. I realise CivRev is a console game and Civ4 is a PC game but I believe the PS3 can be just as capable if not better then some PCs out there.

On the plus side though, it has nice little bonuses for getting a tech first, nice graphics even if they are more cartoon but that really isn't a problem, I would recommend this game but not if you are a Civ4 fan as it will be rather disappointing. Its good for about a week so maybe renting it will be enough, games last from 2 - 5 hours, mmm can't think of anything else at the mo but a 7 rating is all I believe it is worth, it is a personal opinion though.