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So I just pulled out a random game from my collection, this turned out to be Civilizations Revolution. I had not played the game in over two years, and had had memory's from when I last did. So after a few practice rounds I set myself on the King difficulty, it wa s fun and challenging. The game play for those of you who have never played the Civilization series is pretty much a turn based RTS. You have have city's which you build and expand upon. But you also get certain features like culture, wealth, and science. These are essential for you civilization and can mean victory or how well you civilization develops. The games simplicity is great, any one with knowledge of the RTS genre can play this game. On screen it looks as if it is a slow passed game, but when played its is fast passed and gripping leaving you wanting for more. Civilzation Revolutions is a geat introduction into the Civilization series and is easy to get into and pick up the basics very quickly.