America's fight for independence begins with a small settlement of Jamestown!

User Rating: 8 | Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization PC
The first thought from this game was how can it still be Civ 4 but without needing the original game and having a different type of game play? Well the game really does give the real feel of Civilization 4 and it does it in a way that would have never been thought about doing. The settlement of Jamestown begins as a small and weak place until trade between it and its mother country England increases and it expands. Money is made through harvesting the lands resource either fur or other types of goods that are desired by citizens of England. Settlements are best kept along the sea coast until trading carts are researched and created to allow across land trade of goods otherwise it will be impossible to transport goods to towns in the dense forests of the America' s. England is also like a store where professional workers and soldiers can be bought with the gold made from selling either needed rare goods or finished goods which fetch a higher price. Each settlement can have 9 squares or the usable land that surrounds them that can be used to collect raw goods to build or to make into other products to sell at the market. Combat is the same as the regular game where it is just an animation movie which its outcome is based on the percentage of states and level of the unit. The entire goal of the games is to acquire independence from England but disappointing the King can lead to the inability to trade a certain good or alarm him enough to increase his army size in case of a revolution. Many units and ships were put into this game such as the all powerful Ship Of The Line and veteran soldiers or cannons which can wreck havoc along the local natives of the America's or the English soldiers which aim to crush the rebellious.