Probably the best turn based game ever created!!!

User Rating: 9 | Sid Meier's Civilization IV PC
Civilization 4 has been a great game for all ages and includes things from all time periods and has been modded by the community to add new objectives, units and other cool features. This is one of the building and sim games that never seems to dull even after playing it for hours at a time. The best is that it is low on needed system requirements so that anyone person can play no matter how new or old their computer is. Game play is turn based and involves both military and non-military units that either build, upgrade or fight battles which are small and don't require human interaction since they are roll based on the percentage of their stats and current standing. Micromanagement isn't a factor because automated buttons allow for easy continuous completion of trades and building so that you can head into the battle for land and alliances while the current state of the land is being built up from the ground. Weaponry is typical like the older games and nothing is complete without the nuclear bomb and major weaponry that can exterminate people within a matter of a few turns. There are many game lengths which start at very quick to marathon each increasing the amount of turns that are played and different win objectives can be added. Individual units can be upgraded through experience from fighting and can be awarded different badges to increase things from line of site, to an extra movement a turn. Many forms of alliance are possible such as Vassal State and a peace agreement or military alliance. Each has its own advantages while others can anger other nations and lead to an outrage from the leader or even war. The best part of other leaders is that they do not simply cause things without good reason, most actions include a "cost" such as a plus or minus for a leader and depending on the number of good vs bad, makes each leaders status towards the player bounce up and down. This is a classic and it is a good idea to play it before the next one comes out.