First 3D realm for Civilization in Series

User Rating: 9 | Sid Meier's Civilization IV PC
I love this game, especially when i hear that music at main menu. This game gameplay hasn't change, except the political leader for each country. There is Roosevelt, Napoleon, etc.
Civilization IV graphic is much more realistic, you can zoom in or rotate the camera. And the wonder building here is also looks alike with the real one on earth. There is more real-life scientist like Louis Pasteur, Galileo,etc that can help your city culture and maybe to make the science development in your country progress faster. Not only scientist, but great people for religion, engineer, and also leader is gonna be in this game. Each have different effect that related with their ability.

The time system is not changing and still like the old Civilization from medieval times to modern times where you can make a tank to destroy your opponent who may still at the rock age.
The diplomatic system is the old thing but i never get old for this, you can make a trade agreement so you can trade with another country or an open border passage, so you can explore more.

Good point :
1. Best turn based strategy for PC
2. More realistic graphic
3. New political leader, new dirty politic

Bad point :
I haven't found out about this, still playing and haven't got bored