User Rating: 8.8 | Sid Meier's Civilization III PC
This was the first time I'd ever played any Civilization game so I'm basing this review totally on the fact that Civ3 was the first and only turn-based stategy game I'd ever played. Overall, the game for me was extremely cool for a couple of reasons. (1) The game is turn-based. Now there are probably some disadvantages to this (it can really slow down the flow of play), but I thought that it really added to the game. There are different kinds of stategies in Civ3, not all of them miliary, and with turn-based playing I was able to better formulate stategies and take my time, a very good thing for a beginning Civ player like myself. (2) The tech tree was very a good way. There are so many different avenues of research one can pursue: miliary, cultural, territorial, ect. (3) The progression through time. What makes Civ3 really awesome is how your country starts off in the stone ages, with primitive warrior and then ends ups with modern tanks rolling around and stealth aircraft bombing enemy cities. These are some of the good highlights. One bad hightlight is the following. -- Replayability. Sure there are many different countries and each one is somewhat unique, but they are all basically the same and it seemed to me that when you've played a few different countries you've played them all. Sure some are more military-focued than others, but they are all very similar so as I kept playing I started getting bored. In conclusion, I would recommend this game for any turn-based fan or someone who is used to fast-paced action of Age of Empires and wants a change. I really enjoyed this game and continue to play it again and again.