User Rating: 8.9 | Sid Meier's Civilization III PC
Some people want to compare this to Call to Power but remember that Call to Power was not done by Sid but I think by Activision as a seperate product. They thought they could do Civ better but I don't think they did. Now on to Civ 3. This is the most deep version of The Civilization franchise that I have played and it is very challenging but is also very satisfying. You will have to learn new ways to play Civilization with respect to the zone of contral around your cities. It is now more favorable to remain at peace than to remain at war just like it should be. You will have to fight and you better be prepared because I think the AI plays a pretty good game within its limits. The game in any version (I don't reccomend Call to Power) is very fun and can easily keep you playing until late into the night. The game is recognized as a Hall of Fame title by Computer Gaming World and every one should at least download the demo and try it for themselves.