Like almost nothing you'll find anywhere else. This game is a stream of pure gold and possibilities.

User Rating: 10 | Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri PC
When they made this game they allow you to break the mold. What that means is that they have EVERY detail of this game open for alteration. I mean EVERYTHING can be altered with a little help.

Graphics- Great, nice, well put together, clear, just great. You can randomize a map, terraform the land, different units with different upgrades are visible and you can change the files to have anythign you want change the appearance of what ever you want and put whoever's picture up that you want. You can change the movies to what you want etc... It looks great and you could make it better if you want. Great. Simply great.

Gameplay- You start off choosing quick or more customized. You choose the size of the map, how much cloud cover, how much water, how you can win, how you can lose, different random aspects, how often hostile native alien worm thingies attack, each faction gives different bonuses and will allow you to play differently, there are so many ways to win, so many ways to lose, you can take out everyone, you can take out some and ally the others, you can get voted the winner, you can get so many bases with such high populations that you can vote yourself the winner. You reasearch technology and create your units and play the game how you want. Everythign about htis game is customizeable. Even the units. Nothing is left untouchable. With some help you can even edit EVERY thing in the game. Every value, every stat, everythign. Also there are different governing bodies you can use to change your market which changes your currnency and effeciency and so much. There are atrocities that people will hate you for. Heck you can also benefit greatly from enemies through trades or beat them so close to the edge of their life that they surrender and give you virutally anything you ask for free. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

Sound- Great and great voices. You hear voices a lot. There are a lot of great things to listen to. It's just a great game all around. You can even change the audio files, you can change what they say and when they say it. Everything can be altered.

Value- Outstanding. You can play this game a 100 times and win by using a different strategy each time. Wheter you explore, build, conquer, research, combine them, etc.... You can bribe people to vote you the winner you can play so many different ways it's mind boggling. The choices are endless.

Tilt- Not only do they give you limitless ways to play the game, change the rules, etc... in game, they allow you to edit EVERYTHING in simple text files. Just get some help and you can change ANYTHING that is in this game. They designed this game to play that way. That's just how it is.