bad graphics solid game

User Rating: 8.6 | Showdown: Legends of Wrestling PS2
the title really says it all the graphics are horrible but gameplay and gameplay modes are plentiful and fun to play. u have all the classic matches here topped of with classic legend like sting, mil mascaras, grand wizard, hul hogan and i cud keep naming them, all acclaim need to do is put in better graphics and a bit more new players and this wud be awesome but i still like this game i still play it alot my fave character on it is mil mascaras his a lucha dore like rey mysterio except better trust me he is better than rey mysterio. u can also create ur own character and add a customized moveset to him!!!. and unlike all the new games if ur playing with a light weighted character u wont b able to lift up huge fatsos like andre the giant and stuff so its a bit more realistic the wwe smackdown vs raw. if ur a great wrestling fan this is for u