What the hell is this!!!!

User Rating: 3 | Showdown: Legends of Wrestling PS2
What the hell kinda **** game is this. The day i bought it was the day i returned it. Its just horrible. The graphics are horrible which really ticked me off especially when theirs much better wrestling games out their. This game is no match compared to WWE smackdown vs raw.

After returning it I had a sudden thought that maybe I didn't give it a chance and that I should of played it a little more so maybe it have some supprising features but after seeing the reviews, I knew I had made the right the decision.

For those who are thinking of getting, I have on thing to say."Don't". It's not worth a penny. It be really weird If someone were to think of getting this game since its old and gray. Thats about all I have to say.

For those who are reading this thinking I'm retarded since this game is old and I'm writing a review about it. Well the awnser is simple. I was looking through the wrestling games for PS2 on gamespot and I came across this game and I just had to rip on it. It's just TOO terrible.

Anyways, to me it's weirder that someone is accually reading this review.