Hulkamania is running wild!

User Rating: 8 | Showdown: Legends of Wrestling PS2
Great wrestling game for hard core wrestling fans who grew up in the old WWF erra. The biggest problem with video games these days has been clipping. It's understandable that some games have clipping because it cannot be avoided. Too much clipping can destroy a game like Showdown. I love the gameplay, one of the best in wrestling gaming, but a bit too slow. The graphics look good, not too real but just right there. I'm not a big fan of real character graphics because that tends to mess up the gameplay as we've all seen with Raw for xbox.

The sound is horrible. Get the license and put the real introductions of the wrestlers rather then something that's simular. I'm not sure if you can alter this on the xbox, but you sure can't with the PS2.

The gameplay is great and I have fun playing every minute of the game. I find myself playing this game for a few more months before I put it down. IF your not a hard core fan of old school wrestling then this game is not for you. I love it and feel that more improvement should be in the works. The texture clipping and a little poor animation pretty much destroys the value..

I myself like it and will stick to it until I get bored or find another wrestling game.