Even though it have a better presentation and stuff than the previous games. It still haves several flaws.

User Rating: 5.7 | Showdown: Legends of Wrestling PS2
The Legends of Wrestling series is probably the kind of games that gamers who be surprised when a new Legends of Wrestling games appears, even though the previous one was a total flop.

Already at the menu you will notice that it's not done much well when it comes to graphics. The menu looks like a low quality vcd animation on every transitions. The matches itself aren't as good looking either. Because at the moment you choose what arena you want to play in. It will look like a big station with thousands of people as audience. But when you start the match, the crowd will look like flat stick figures and because of that, it will look like you're playing you're playing inside your living room and have a couple of handrawn paper audience on each side. The wrestlers aren't as good looking either.

The announcer in the game sounds like they hired a random guy they had found in the street or something, and made him the announcer for the game for a couple of bucks. And the commentary is also really disappointing. The commentary sounds like they were taken from Just Bring It from the SmackDown! series (which is not good even though it's a better wrestling series). I recommend turning the commentary off.

====Game play====
The controls are so complicated that you must likely will end up pressing all the buttons in different ways without knowing what you're doing. Even though you can get help by watching the tutorial videos. They can easily get forgotten and you will go back to where you started. It would have been much better with an actual tutorial mode instead of just videos.

---====Overall====---- I recommend that you rent it first and if you like it then buy it if you don't own it, even if you're desperate to play another kind of wrestling game instead of the SmackDown! series.