glitches galore and nothing more!

User Rating: 5.2 | Showdown: Legends of Wrestling PS2
Showdown: Legends of Wrestling is a game that I got for 12 bucks, so I am not that disappointed, but for a normal price of 50 dollars, this game would be a rip-off. The glitches still plague this third installment in the series, but they are getting better. One thing worth mentioning about this game is there is a HUGE amount of wrestlers on the roster. You have got a dream roster at your disposal from Hulk Hogan to "Macho Man" Randy Savage, you can even wrestle with managers. But the gameplay can keep you from wanting to play this game. You magicly transport from the inside of the ring to the outside, thus freezing the game and the matches are overwelmingly slow. And why does it not tell you what everone's finisher is? Not everone watched wrestling in the 80's. The sound in Sd:LoW is okay. The commentary is better than no commentary and you can hear the mat when someone gets slammed on it. The graphics are somewhat lacking. As I said earlier, if it is only 12 bucks, you should get this game.