A fun little shooter that is good for a few minutes here and there but wears out quick.

User Rating: 6.5 | Shoot Many Robots PC
Shoot Many Robots (SMR) is a straightforward side-scrolling run-and-gun shooter. Its graphics are colorful and pleasing, and its quirky sense of humor adds a bit of undeniable charm to this otherwise ho-hum shooter.

As the title of suggests, its all about shooting robots. You've got a veritable horde of robots to shoot at, and a huge pile of weapons and gear to unlock. Despite all of this, as well as solid and easy-to-connect multiplayer it gets tiring fast. The missions are of basically two varieties, survive multiple waves in a small space, or tromp through a level to the end, with minor and major bosses scattered about. The frequent checkpoints are also a mixed blessing. While there are some tricky sections in later levels and difficulties, they also remove most of the impact of dying. In multiplayer you can also be instantly revived by any other player.... The gear, while superficially varied (and cool and or hilarious looking), doesn't add a lot. There aren't that many stats that really get impacted, and much of the gear plainly sucks.

While I'm being a little harsh, the game does have its appeal, and its a good time-waster for a few minutes here and there with a great visual design. It just doesn't have long-term playability, but hey, for 10 bucks on Steam its good for a bit of mindless destruction.