Very fun, I'd recommend throwing that £5 bill on the side to it.

User Rating: 9 | Shoot Many Robots PC
Shoot many robots is a very fun game with multiple weapons including shotguns, machine guns, sub machine guns, launchers, and rocket explosives. The level and bosses may be a bit repetitive but the loot from them is immense items such as new weapons clothing, backpacks and belts can be looted not to mention the immense amounts of bolts (Currency) you can find from just a phew enemies. If you were to get shoot many robots I would recommend talking your friends into it as with most side-scrolling games it is a load more fun with 3 of your best buds. If you pre-ordered it you would have an in game Gordon Freeman to play (This makes portal turrets appear in game) and you would unlock the 'Genuine scrap pack' for TF2 classes Medic and Pyro. Overall this is a fun and addictive game to play with a mass variety of enemies to verse in the sky, ground and outside your RV, your character is immensely customization and there are multiple combinations to make your character look pimpin.