Shinobi (2011) Cheats For 3DS

  1. Cheats For Freeplay

    These Cheats Can Only Be Used In Freeplay You Can Select Cheats After Selecting A Level In Freeplay

    Parry 100 attacks Auto Parry Cheat
    Obtain S rank in Shadow Temple on Normal or higher Beret hat
    Defeat the Fushin Ninja without taking damage Boomerang Kunai
    Complete a level without using Parry Chainsaw Weapon
    Complete Beginner mode Chibi Jiro Costume
    Complete a level without melee Chicken Sword Weapon
    Die from melee attack Cloven Sword Weapon
    Find all Bonus Coins Fast Kunai Reload Cheat
    Obtain S rank in Oboro Clan Village on Normal or higher Flaming Skull Hat
    Complete Very Hard mode Fruit Kunai Cheat
    Die 100 times Fushin Ninja Costume
    Die from ranged attack Golden Axe Weapon
    Complete Normal mode Infinite Earth Magic Cheat
    Die from hazard Infinite Fire Magic Cheat
    Complete a level without Ninja Magic Infinite Lightning Magic Cheat
    Unlock all of the StreetPass maps Joe Musashi Costume
    Obtain S rank in BioShark on Normal or higher No-mask Jiro Costume
    Complete all of the StreetPass maps One Hit Mode Cheat
    Complete the Bonus Stage Regenerate Health Cheat
    Obtain S rank in City of Zeed on Normal or higher Rice Hat
    Obtain S rank in Hyper Transport MG97 on Normal or higher Samurai Helmet
    Complete Hard mode Sarah Krieger
    Defeat the Super Soldier without taking damage Shadow Mask Hat
    Complete a level without kunai Shadow Master Costume
    Find all Mastery Coins Viking Hat

    Contributed by: redluigi11