Shining Soul Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Names for Classes and Bonuses

    Naming the characters as a certain Shining Force character nets a bonus in stats when you start the game.

    Warrior - Max - +10 Str
    Archer - Hans - +10 Vit
    Mage - Anri - +10 Int
    DragonNewt - Bleu - +10 Dex

    Contributed by: JosephCain 

  2. Easy Money

    With this you can sell the shop it's own items.

    1. Go to any shop.
    2. Grab any item of your own.
    3. Press R three times.
    4. Take it back to your inventory.
    5. Drop it.
    6. Go over to any item that is for sale and you can purchase.
    7. Grab it.
    8. Drag it in your inventory.
    9. Press R.
    10. Drop it.

    Note: You Must Be Able To Purchase The Item

    Contributed by: Segaholic 4100 

  3. Item Duplication

    1. Play in multi-player mode (works best with 2 players).
    2. Have player 2 drop items desired to be duplicated.
    3. Player 1 then picks up the items.
    4. (Timing Essential!) Player 1 goes to start menu and selects end game. Player 2 gets ready to turn off GBA and does so as soon as player 1's screen says game saved.
    5. Enjoy having both player 1 and 2 having possession of the items.

    Contributed by: Master916 

  4. Secret Dungeon

    During advanced mode make your way to the Dark Castle. On the map press and hold the L and R buttons while selecting the level. This should bring you to a secret dungeon.

    Contributed by: Chodamon 

  5. Name entry for bonus items

    At the name entry screen, enter one of these names for bonus item(s) in the inventory at the start of the game.

    Effect Effect
    Shining 2 extra herbs in inventory for any character
    Force 2 valuing scrolls in inventory for any character
    Segata Equiped with Judo suit for Dragonute only
    NomuNomu Equiped with Leaf briefs for Archer only
    Soul healing drop in inventory for any character
    AiAi Monkey Doll in inventory for any character
    Salamander Painter's Soul in inventory for any character

    Contributed by: _Green_Knight_ 

  6. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Finish the game once with any character Advance Mode

    Contributed by: Doom 

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