This is.......... AMAZING!!!!

User Rating: 9.8 | Shining Soul II GBA
This game is everything you'd want out of an RPG-Adventure game.
Walkaround attack system, hack 'n' slash, 8 different characters, nice boss fights, pretty long, a good story. All in an RPG.
This has to be one of the best RPGs ever released, aside from Seiken Desetsu 3 (Respectively) and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. The game starts off in a forest, where you see a guy, not your character, but just some guy, and then your character comes into the screen. Then, a Slime thingy monster appears, and, of course, you have to kill it. Then, you appear in a coliseum, with a Cenitor, no, you don't fight him. Around you, is the King and his men, this is his Castle.

Then, someone comes in, interrupting the soon-to be battle. This man says that the Princess is no where to be seen, then, the King tells the Centor to go and find his daughter at the Goblin fort set up near by....the Centor is dismissed.
Then, the King asks you to come to the Throne room. When you appear there (Teleported, eh...sort of. Blank screen = you are there) the King tells you that he wants you to go investigate....
Well...that enough of spoilers, go out and get it for yourself, over all, the game rocks.