One of the best GBA games

User Rating: 9.7 | Shining Soul II GBA
Unfortunately for me I bought this game late into its life, it was not available in any stores so i had to buy it off eBay. Before you even start your mission you must select among many different classes to use in your adventure, I choose the ninja the first time through. The controls are solid and I have no complaints on them. The leveling system is excellent, you must decide which skill to level and which weapon to become more proficient with. The difficulty would shoot up some points including certain bosses. The graphics are nice for a Game Boy Advance game. The sound is pretty good, with sound effects that work well. This game is definitely worth $30 and you will probably find it cheaper because I have never seen a new copy of this game. According to some reviews the focus of this game was multiplayer and i don't doubt it because some things (nothing necessary to further the story) cannot be done without multiple players. I just wish that I could have tried to multiplayer. The multitude of weapons and armor make this game interesting. Sometimes you will have to go back to previous levels to level up a bit, but I didn't find this detracting in anyway. This game just confirms my love for real-time RPGs and is a must buy for all GBA owners. Now I just hope that Atlus creates Shining Soul III for the DS.