User Rating: 9.9 | Shining Soul II GBA
this game never stops and whith one friend its great but get 3-4 friends and you just never put it down. i once stayed at my cousins and me him and his little brother played for two days straight!!! you would think that the hack and slash repetitive stuff is borring but suprisingly its not. its 100% RPG from your character(theres 8) to your armour(therese 100s) to your characters skills. and if you play with friends youd think o well i can do 4 times the damage now. well with every friend you play with it adds more chacters to balace it out (ecept bosses and pre-bosses)

it should be on the DS and the sprites are suprisingly good!!!
:):):):):):)( its happy faces) the only down fall is they stopped making them :( but there a rare game so if you see a used version and are even connidering getting one go for it OR you might never see it again!!!!
the musics kinda crappy though. its like a repeating little jingle wich a some times is cool!!