Reminded me of a crappy Diablo 2!

User Rating: 7.1 | Shining Soul II GBA
With many more jobs than the first 2 choose from this one sure doesnt leave u with a job u wont want myself I like ninja, but alone this game is pretty boring and definetly designed 4 multiplayer use but can still be enjoyable by ones self mattering on the job though u may end up finding urself going back 2 old places and training 4 some time longer! The game takes place in the medievil times and u r 2 1st 2 find the princess that had gone missing at the castle soon enough u find out that there is alot more than just a missing princess involved. I say if u can round up some friends this game has an incredible replay value and has many hidden dungeons and quests so keep an eye out I reccomend rentin 1st though 2 c if u like if u do than buy it!