Best Old-School RPG!

User Rating: 8.4 | Shining and the Darkness GEN
I love games like this, that give you several aspects of play that are stimulating to the brain rather then killing your brain cells.

Memory, because the map is esentially a huge maze you have to remember looks and how things were so you can continue on and get to where is needed, instead of getting lost.

Strategy in combat, when you are battle you have even more sub aspects to the combat and strategy.
Predicting and estimating, knowing how long you can hold out for heal, or knowing when to use defensive spells rather then attacking, or even knowing when you need to run.
Skills, Knowing when to use what skills against what foes, what does more damage, helps gain mor expierience, etc.
Equipment, you also have equipment that can equip to all people but will work better with others. Certain equips cannot equip to certain people so spend your money wisely, but of course most of the good items come from the Labrith.

Figuring out puzzles, sometimes you there are little Indiana Jones type riddles and you need to know how to solve those as well requires a little thinking but its achievable!

Storyline, the storyline is the classic guy saving the girl and in this case your father was a great warrior of the King but he died and now the Princess has been captured and you are the only one left who is worthy to risk deaht to enter the Evil Lord Dark Sol's Labrith and get her back.

Gameplay is turned based RPG, one of the best Old-School RPGs I have played and it has my approval for the best RPG of its kind.

(Worth buying, worth playing)

-Andrew, The Guardian